Cuscen Distribution

Our distribution module is covered Master Data, Purchasing, Inventory and Sales with different scope of work.

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Enterprise Financial Management software in Myanmar
Enterprise Financial Management software in Myanmar

Powerful business Distribution CUSCEN

  • CUSCEN’s Distribution Management can help manage operations by tracking products and terms for multiple suppliers and multiple customers.
  • CUSCEN ERP suite will help you make informed buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, save money, and ensure future profitability.

CloudView Accounting Software

Benefits of Distribution CUSCEN for your Business

Enterprise Financial Management software in Myanmar

Stock item

  • Kept in the Stock Ledger and contains specific information for each of your Stock items.
  • Create and edit documents for your customers or suppliers or when you select the stock items to be included in reports

Enterprise Financial Management software in Myanmar


  • To control costs by knowing exactly who your vendors are.
  • Reduce disparate, fragmented and inconsistent supplier / vendor information.
  • Trusted source of supplier/vendor data to negotiate better pricing and payment terms.

Enterprise Financial Management software in Myanmar


  • Customer master data record the customer source data in the systems.
  •  Search for customers in your system, view and filter list by name and township.
  • Allows you to export/import customer master data record by Excel/PDF.

Enterprise Financial Management software in Myanmar


  • Inventory levels for optimal production and distribution of goods for wholesale or retail.
  • Track your inventory is key to any business that’s moving product to customers.

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