Distribution Management System

Distribution Software allows you to penetrate new markets, maintain customer loyalty, and improve your ability to serve your existing customers. DMS will help you make buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, save money, and ensure future profitability and your business track and manage wholesalers and distributors in order to sell and ship product to customers in the most efficient manner possible.

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Efficient monitor for your business

This distributor management system has everything you need to efficiently monitor your distribution network. This Distribution Management Software to satisfy the complex requirements of distribution management. This distribution management system provides small and medium-size businesses, normally used in higher-end operations, at an affordable price for small to medium size distributors and wholesalers. As a wholesale and distribution business, inventory is your livelihood.

Benefits of DMS Software

  • Support for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) customers.
  • 100% The Level of integrity, accuracy, and instantaneity of distribution and sales data that DMS offers enterprises.
  • 2000 number of users per company that can simultaneously access the DMS system.
  • A company that uses a simultaneous DMS system can have up to 2,000 users
  • 3-5 minutes time for salesmen to prepare start of day sales information.
  • 6 Layers of security in the DMS system, ensuring all transactions and business data are absolutely safe
  • 6 Layers of security in the DMS system, ensuring all transactions and business data are absolutely safe
  • Assist management in making informed business decisions

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