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Leave Management

HR Cloud is a cloud-based leave management software that reduces the time and effort organizations spend on the time-off process. Rather than force your policy to conform to software limitations, HR Cloud lets you build a online leave management system that fits you.

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What is Leave Management System?

Employee Leave management system is a comprehensive system that allows the HR team to keep a track of all the leaves consumed by the employee(s) along with the supporting documents. A leave management system is an all-in-one platform that handles all employee vacation requests while ensuring smooth functioning of their operations.

A good leave management system increases employee satisfaction, provides transparency, and reduces unscheduled tasks. Also, it reduces if not eliminates unexplained or excessive absenteeism.

Why choose an automated leave management system

Employee leave management software provides you with a central system to manage all aspects of leave, helping you avoid the pitfalls of other forms of HR administration and record-keeping. Here are some more of the key benefits of an automated leave management system to consider.

Secure leave management

Make sure everyone is following the correct leave processes; all within a password-protected system with different access levels for employees, managers, and system administrators.

Complete holiday management

Manage all aspects of annual leave, from automatically calculating holiday entitlements, to dealing with holiday requests, to flagging up important events on the staff calendar.

Clear absenteeism monitoring

Record sickness and other forms of absence, supporting staff who are absent to come back to work while keeping an eye on any developing patterns of absenteeism.

Easy documentation and compliance

Add the HR documents required for management and compliance purposes so they’re recorded effectively and there when you need them.

Data-driven business insights

A leave management software system can also provide in-depth, exportable reports to help you make data-driven decisions.