Payroll Management

Using a payroll software centralizes the myriad payroll processes onto one platform and provides a variety of tools to make payroll functions more efficient and accurate. Ideally, payroll software will prevent human errors when calculating and administering payroll, as well as allow employees to self-service some functions to reduce administrative overhead.

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Financial Business systems in Myanmar
Financial Business systems in Myanmar

What is Payroll Process?

The payroll management process, in a nutshell, refers to the process of administration of a company’s employee’s financial records. This would include details of the employee’s salaries, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. An employer must maintain and keep these records as dictated by the law.

Payroll processing refers to the task of managing the payment of wages by a company to its employees. The steps involved in payroll processing typically include gathering employee time information for a selected time period, managing benefits & deductions, and distributing employee pay for that time period.

Payroll Software Comparison

When comparing options to find the best payroll software for you, be sure to evaluate these factors:

Financial Business systems in Myanmar

Scope of each solution

Payroll capabilities can be found across a range of product sizes. The middle of the road solution would include all the necessary functions for calculating, processing, and administering payroll. Larger solutions will include additional non-payroll functions, like HR management or accounting. On the other end, there are some tools for specific payroll functions, like tax compliance. Holistically evaluate your financial software needs to ensure you purchase a product that can meet as many of your current and future needs as possible.

Financial Business systems in Myanmar

Customer support and service

The quality and level of customer service that comes with the purchase is a significant strength, or weakness, of many payroll products. The quality of customer service is particularly important for navigating payroll’s changing regulatory landscapes and compliance requirements. Payroll vendors can help you adjust your processes and stay compliant, but not all products will be able to deliver this service.

Financial Business systems in Myanmar

Mobile Accessibility

Any payroll software should allow employees to access it through their phones. Your employees should be able to access their pay stubs, pay history, and self-service personal information like direct deposit info.

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