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Birst is a enterprise business intelligence platform that connects together the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top a shared common analytical fabric. Sunfix , an Infor Company, is a web-based networked BI and analytics solution that connects insights from various teams and helps in making informed decisions. The tool enables decentralized users to augment the enterprise data model virtually without compromising data governance.

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Birst business intelligence

Birst allows users to access self-service analytics through executive dashboards, reporting, visual discovery, mobile tools and predictive analytics. Birst Open Client Interface also integrates with Tableau, Excel and R. Birst’s is packaged in three available formats platform and per-user fee by department or business unit by end-customer (for embedded scenarios).

Birst is a next generation platform for enterprise BI and analytics. It enables all users to access data and more importantly use data to make business decision. With Birst users are able to quickly create reports, KPIs, and dashboards with all data throughout the organization. Birst is a born in the cloud and addresses all architectures public and private clouds, on-premises, and hybrid. It is a unique, comprehensive platform for sourcing, refining, and presenting standardized data insights at scale to drive business decisions. The Birst business intelligence platform is a top ranked, rich, and simplified end-to-end BI suite.

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SUNFIX  Consulting is an award-winning business software consulting firm with over a quarter-century of experience customizing ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence solutions for businesses of all sizes.  We are serving to customer with regional legal office through Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Ready to learn more about taking your business further with Acumatica?

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    SUNFIX Consulting is, established in February 2012, provided the leading first-class software in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and New Zealand.

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