• SSB Tax and Tax Exemption
  • Localized for Myanmar
  • Multiple layers for functions and policies
  • Self- Service Portal
  • Secured data and password encryption method, encryption methods can be configured on company level
  • Report writer and dashboard design tool
ERP Company in Myanmar
ERP Company in Myanmar

Work Flow

  • HR Work Flow, the first impression for users
  • Simple UI design for users to get familiar with
  • Every single steps are easy to use in each module

HR Payroll

  • Flexible Payroll Configuration
  • Unlimited Allowance & Deductions
  • Multiple Payroll Periods per employee group
  • Retro-active Salary
  • Pay slip by Email
  • Salary Holding
ERP Company in Myanmar
ERP Company in Myanmar

Multidimensional Report

  • Each and every kinds of facts and columns can be exported as Reports
  • Choose the respective field and collect to make one report
  • The outcome report can be exported in excel
  • Every data are flexible to make reports

Employee Self- Service Portal

  • Self- Service portal for Employees
  • easy to use for end users
  • Show the process of Employee
  • Leave, Overtime and some other functions are available in this self- service portal
ERP Company in Myanmar

Benefits of HR Payroll

 Overseeing your employees

Maintaining and keeping your staff is crucial. While recruiting is necessary to grow your talent pool, growing and developing your current staff is more cost-effective, especially since they’re already familiar with your company’s policies and workflows


Securing data management

In a typical setup, your sensitive employee data are stored in your office’s filing cabinets. But is it really safe? There is little to no assurance that everyone who can access these files is authorized. But by storing these vital data in the cloud through your HR system, you can prevent unauthorized people from getting their hands (and eyes) on information they’re not allowed to see.

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Seeing data at a glance

Out-of-date and inadequate information makes decision-making difficult. For instance, a position with high turnover needs you to oversee the amount of training the employee gets and their performance. Getting in touch with their line managers is also vital.